Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren

On day a new boy comes to the school. His name is Warren is he is very handsome. On that same day Grace and Junie B. cannot find Lucille. When Grace and Junie B. finally find Lucille, Warren is chasing after her. Grace and Junie B. shoo Warren away, but Lucille gets upset because Warren is her new boyfriend. All three girls think Warren is very handsome (hey he was even in a commercial). The girls soon begin to fight over Warren. Lucille is worried that Junie B. and Grace will try to steal her new boyfriend away from her. Warren thinks that Lucille is beautiful because of her pretty dresses, he thinks Grace can “run speedy fast” with her new lightning shoes, and he thinks Junie B. is a nut ball because she cannot stop laughing. Junie B. tries to get Warren to love her. He seems to “love” all of them except Junie B. However, one day Warren is sitting in the grass sad and Grace and Lucille say they don’t want to be his friend today so Junie B. stays with Warren to cheer him up. Eventually, Junie B. gets him to laugh by telling knock kock jokes. So now they are friends and as Junie B. says, “it’s happily ever after.”

I can totally relate to this whenever I was in second grade me and all of my friends had a crush on a boy named Wesley. He told his friends that he liked all of us, so we would fight over his attention to make him like one of us more. And come to find out now he is now gay.

By the way, I love the Junie B. Jones books if you have not figured it out yet!!

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